The FOC Northern Get-Together
and Dinner

Cedar Court Hotel
8th June 2019


Who's booked for the 2019 event?

The following members and guests have indicated that they will be attending the 2019 dinner. Not on the list? Get your booking in now!

Joe, DL4CF
Andy, G3AB
Ivan, G3IZD
Mick and Alison, G3LIK

Gerald, G3MCK
Jim, G3RTE
Roger, G3SXW
David, G3UNA
Steve and Janet, G3VMW
John, G3WGV
Terry, GM3WUX
Fred, G4BWP
Vic and Jayne, G4BYG
Ian, G4IIY
James, G4ILW
Mark and Rachel, G4RCD
Rick, Christine and son Ben, G4SIE
Neil G6MC and Sue, M3UZL
Michael, G7VJR

Gary, M0CTP

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